Er,um…Happy Valentine’s day

Okay, there are 10 minutes left of Valentine’s day on the west coast. Phew! Made it in time.

Yesterday was an incredibly busy day, but no celebration of romance for me. No artwork either, unless you count my volunteer job at a local arts organization.

I do have a new drawing I planned on sharing on Valentine’s day…but got sidetracked by my busy day.

So,here’s “Valentine’s Day”.


Something Great is Coming….

I have a routine to keep track of the approach of spring.  It’s a habit that keeps me going through the dullest months of winter.  It starts with the winter solstice, when though at the season’s darkest, the light begins to return.  Then it gets involved with more popular events…….Superbowl Sunday, Mardi Gras and my favorite, the start of baseball spring training.

I can see that spring is nearly here now.

That’s Why I Don’t Paint People

Bob Ross was reputed to refuse to paint pictures of people.  For whatever reason…I don’t know.

I’ve looked back at my drawing and realized I do draw pictures of people but mostly their backs.  ?  What?  Why would I do such a thing.  I read somewhere a long time ago, that in corporate art, it’s considered distracting to see people in a work of art.  So, without realizing it,  think I incorporated this rule into my work.

In honor of Throwback Thursday, here are the pictures of backs of people, mostly from a good long time ago.

Just to prove the exceptions to the rule, here are people drawn forward.

In the meantime, I am working on a new drawing…but no people in it.

Belated Happy Imbolc/Groundhog Day/Candlemas/St Brigid’s Day

Or whatever floats your boat in early February.  I’m very glad to see the sunshine returning.

I’ve got my recent drawing of the tree with the heart carved in it, stuck in my mind.  I like the idea, but not the result.  I think I’m going to try it again, but with a bit more, shall we say mindfulness, as to what I want to convey.  It does seem like a good late winter/early spring piece.

I like hiding hearts in drawings, for instance, in this.  Speaking of hearts, and late greetings for holidays…here’s an early one!  Happy Valentines Day



Up in the Middle of the Night

It’s not unusual for me to be enjoying dark solitude in the early morning hours. What once was insomnia that I despaired of, I realize now is special alone time.


Im running out of ideas for little pictures. I’m running out of ideas for big pictures. Frankly, I’m getting tired of winter and I’m ready for spring.

Sometimes, winter can produce some really beautiful days,with intensely blue skies and light that’s all the brighter due to lack of leaves on the trees. This season though, such days have been rare. There’s only so much of a grey, dull landscape that I can find inspiration in.

I did draw this one little piece.

I hope you enjoy.

Artists Just Wanna Have Fun

I’m enjoying doing these little pieces.  There’s not so much of an investment in time and materials, that I feel I have to take it so seriously.  I can play around with ideas, without feeling I have to create a masterpiece.

I still am having a little trouble coming up with ideas for them, I’m so used to thinking in terms of bigger drawings.  I am learning to let go, and have some fun.

Here’s one that was taken from an idea I had a long time ago, a heart carved into a tree.


Yesterday was the show at the Bott Shoppe in Mamaroneck, NY.  I was happy to see how well my work was displayed, and I met a lot of nice people.  Most of the people live or lived in NYC, so in a way, it felt like reunion, as people spoke of their memories of places in the City. Very pleasant.

The Bott Shoppe is owned by Laura Bott.  She’s got a great business going there, and if your in the Westchester area, and interested at all, in art, you should check it out. Not only is there a gallery, there are little items based on original art of the Westchester area.  In the back, is an art studio for classes and activities for children.  For instance, there was a class in drawing superheroes, but in the process, children learn a lot about figure drawing.   It’s good art skills, made fun.

Laura convinced me on the importance of having a statement piece, so I will invest money on one very soon.  In the meantime, back to making art!