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Oooops, wrong picture…that’s my messy easel.  Let’s try it again:






Okay, not t he best photo in the world, it has a hot spot, but at least I try.  Anyway, this is the drawing that’s going into the silent auction.  If you’re in the Connecticut area May 3, stop in….lots of fun for the children, and fun for adults, too.  And you’d be supporting  a good cause.  That’s Pony Rides for a Purpose, the Facebook link is posted in the previous post.


Okay, this is a little anti-climactic, but here’s the preliminary sketch.


Just to mention, it’s snowing here.  AGAIN!

Well, I never did make peace with February……

The finished work I did after the sketch, (the sketch I liked), I felt Eh about.  So, the large work has been put aside for a long, long time.  I may go back to it, but right now, it’s time for other projects.

I mean, after all, February’s over…..which means it’s March…..which means it will soon be spring….which means May will be here before you know it…which means it’ll be time for Pony Rides for a Purpose, a charity I help out.

What this all is leading to, is  that’s it’s time to make another drawing of a winged horse.  Last year, I did this;



And I did a sketch for a logo like this:


jessicahorse002 (2)


So onwards….

For information about the charity, here’s the link:

Pony Rides for a Purpose

Easy Peasy…except Richard doesn’t like peas.

Okay, remember how I was struggling over the first “Making Peace with January”?  I went back to the idea…after first taking a more observant look at the subject matter I was planning to draw, a seagull in front of a mackerel sky.  I did the sketch in just a few minutes….easiest thing I’ve done in a long time.

As I mentioned, I have no need for making peace with February…so, I’ll think of a different title for this:

EPSON MFP imageGoing to play with the color a little in the sky….so it isn’t so bland…but it’s coming along.

BTW, I’ve put some drawing up on eBay, just go to advanced search and put in my name.  If you’d like to see more of my work in general…go to my website at RoxanneBaldwin.com 

OMG….February Already!

A day or two late, I guess, I finally finished “Making Peace with January”.  So I’m late. Big deal.  At least it’s still winter.

The reason why I’m late is there has been a lot going on in my non-virtual life…mostly good.  Mostly.  The rest well…I can deal.  But I’m back to my art, and back to my healing, and looking into all sorts of options right now.

So, here’s “Making Peace with January”.  “Making Peace with February”  is in the planning.


So belated Happy Groundhog’s Day, Imbolc, Candlemas….or whatever you celebrate.  I like February, it means the beginning of baseball spring training, which to me is the sign that spring really is right around the corner!

Oh, What a Tangled We Weave!

I put away the version that I had of “Making Peace with January 2015″.  I have a new vision for the same subject matter, so I’m expecting to do it as “Making Peace with February 2015″.  I took a moment to really study a seagull against a mackerel sky, and OMG…was it ever different from what I attempted to do.  So, in the not too distant future…..

But back to being tangled.  I made a sketch for the new “January”, and what a messy tangled sketch it is…………


But believe me, there is method to my tangledness…..going to get started on the large version as soon as I can get a break from my day job.

For what it’s worth….

As Beau said, never give up a project.  That’s correct, you can always learn from your mistakes, and even if it’s a disaster, you know what not to do.  Also, it nags you, not to the point of insanity, but more like a mosquito bite between your shoulder blades, that you can’t quite reach to scratch.  It’s there, it’s always there.

So, I don’t know what to think of this…but for what it’s worth….it’s here.  “Making Peace with January, 2015″.  I have an idea for a second January drawing, so I may have two January drawings.   Here it is:



So, I’ll withhold judgment on it..others may enjoy it.  If so, that’s a plus.

I had another drawing that I thought was a complete failure….only to have others rave about it: Grand Central Terminal, Sunday Morning.  In case you haven’t seen it:


So, I’ve had it with Making Peace with January, 2015…I’ll let the viewers decide.

Well, so much for that…..

Making Peace with January?  Well, this version has been relegated to the pile of abandoned projects with the hope that I will see hope in taking it up again.  Or at least I hope.

Anyway, while I’ve been working on it, the moody sunsets you only get in the wintertime have been attracting me. Unlike the red, pink glorious sunsets you get in the summer with the contrast of muted dark green…these sunsets have a subdued personality.  If they were people they’d be introverted seekers.  I think my imagination is running away with itself.

I know I’ve shown this lately, but it gives the idea of what I have in mind.  It’s one of the Christmas cards I made, and I see possibilities in it (apart from the cutsie animal, which I still haven’t determined what it is).


Planning on making it a little more urban.  But I hope you get the idea.


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