I’ve given some more time to thinking about what I mean by modern archetypes.
Those of you familiar with Jung are familiar with the ideas of archetypes, characters and things that are buried deeply in our collective unconscious. These we all have in common, because of the common evolution of our brains.
They show up in things like fairy tales, and other folk fiction. The images are still with us, and crop up from time to time in the present day…such things as superheroes.
I’ve often wondered why I’ve been so drawn to certain images to draw, and also, what makes people commonly prefer one of my pictures to another. The only thing is that the image resonates with something in the subconscious, like an archetype. And since my work is all modern day imagery, it’s updated archetypes.
I post here the latest, my finished version of “Guardians”. A garden, a paradise, with sentries at the gate is a common theme in various myths. Here it is updated, with a scene that so intrigued me in my own neighborhood. It’s 16×20 colored pencil, on rag paper, and soon will be available for purchase on my website, RoxanneBaldwin.com.