I typed a long, chatty entry only to accidently post it to someone else’s blog. Well, won’t they be surprised?

What I had intended to do was write here some more about the picture of Coney Island. I did some more work on it, but I had to stop after only a couple of hours. Normally, I can work on a piece all day, but in this instance, it requires real precision work. I got fatigued. A good way to ruin a piece of artwork is to force yourself on when you’re too burnt out.

Another thing I am trying is a different color scheme. Usually, I use only a few colors and repeat them to create unity. In this case, although I am repeating some colors, I’m using a large variety to see what will happen. Perhaps a unity out of chaos? I thought it would be fun to try.

Here it stands after another day."Coney Island Update"

As usual, more of my work can be seen at roxannebaldwin.com.