Been a busy holiday in retail, and the whole idea of art and healing got kicked to the wayside.  Now, finally,  if the neighbors would finally take down their Christmas lights, it would be over. 

Between my readings on Buddhism, and recent events in my life, the topic of change became an overwhelming force in my life in the last few weeks.  That came along with the drawing of the door I promised my friend I would do.  Somehow, the two came together, and ended up in the theme of moving.  Moving to a new residence, relationship, job, whatever, sooner or later,  everyone’s got to move.

Here’s the 5×7 sketch….eager to start work on the finish.



I plan to do a smoother, more finished floor.  This reminds me of something out of an old run down shed.


Oh, yes, and for you Hannako fans…’s a pic of  her eating catnip.