Work is coming along on “Floral Overload”.  Right now, there’s not enough further progress to show a work-in-progress.  Nothing new to show, so I’ll show something old.


Something very old…from high school.  I eventually did a very large version as a mural for the school I attended.

Truth is, I’m feeling stuck.  I need to shake things up a bit.  So, I’m looking for a place in the Greater New York City Area to have an art show.  No, I don’t want to pay a big fee upfront, but  a small fee is fine.  Or a commission.  If anyone knows a place…. contact me.

Also going back to doing good with my work….I have accomplished some.  But I realize, I’m still too selfish to just give my art away with no return.  I have a tarnished halo.  Anyway, my work would be very nice in a setting where people would be cheered up.  I’m willing to donate work to such a cause if I get some publicity.

So any ideas or suggesti0ns out there…..