I’m keeping up with other healing modalities, even as I work on my art.  I’ve been especially intrigued by aromatherapy and I am doing some serious reading on the matter.  In addition to my Reiki, I would like to be licensed in aromatherapy and hypnotherapy.  The cost for taking a course that can lead to a license, is prohibitive for me, but there’s a lot of information available.  Somehow, someway, I would like to become a complete holistic healer for emotional and mental illness…

But that aside, back to art.  I was talking about textures and colors of foliage, and what a joy they give me.  I gave an example in some of my previous work.  Here’s another, although done from my less than perfect imagination.



And just for the heck of it, there’s this..which was meant to have a better rendering of foliage.  Anyway, I actually sold a small version of this on Ebay, one of my few retail triumphs.