For those who may have figured it out…with the use of the technique similar to Zentangles, I am trying to stay in as meditative a state as I do this as possible.  There for the “Conscious” works its way into this picture.  I’ve been doing very little planning of this, as I would most drawing.  One line leads to another, and such as that.

However, another conscious technique, as I have noted before, is coloring.  You can see, that as I drew my mindful lines, I managed to develop something that looks very much like a coloring book.  This was totally unintentional, but I’ll take it and run with it.  So, I intend to color it, one color leading to another, absorbed in the process, not worrying about the plan.


How far I have come from my drawings (which in pride I referred to as “paintings”) of many years ago, sweating over details as part of an exhaustively planned composition. Case in point:


Drove me freaking nuts!  It’s named “Threshold”, the title of this given to me by another good friend.  But, My God, what was I thinking?