The End of Another Year

I’ve been gone for a while, in case you haven’t noticed.  I ran into a dry spell with my artwork.  I had gone from “having fun”, with my work…to tearing my hear out and cursing at the boredom of drawing foliage.  I guess it goes in cycles…and I have to take a break.

I also ran out of money for supplies.  In the meantime, I’d done some work on Christmas cards…nothing special, though.  My favorite paper runs at over $5.00 a sheet, and I have to buy a minimum of ten.  I enjoyed my summer off from work…but, did I mention I was broke?

I took a seasonal job, which lasted till this month.  I was able to buy my paper!  I’ve paid my bills….and starting on Tuesday, I’ll look for another hum-drum, regular job.

But, as I mentioned!  This is the last day of the year, when I post my worst for the year.  So, much as I love the subject, the pieces didn’t fit together. \

Happy New Year, Everybody!




It Sort of Makes Sense

So, in tribute to Autumn coming – hard to tell with the summer weather we’ve been having-I did this drawing, “September Field”.

I’ve always been attracted to drawing landscapes, and now I realize why.  Landscapes capture moods in complex way.  I’m not talking something simple like a sunny day being happy. I’m talking about the subtleties of mood, what I believe Jung referred to as “feeling tone”, when talking about dreams.  Or some famous psychiatrist did, perhaps one of you knows.

Speaking of dreams, I’ve had this recurring one, in which my work is recognized and in a gallery, but it’s old work of mine, in a style in which I no longer work.  This gives a glimpse at the old style.  Perhaps the dream is telling me to go back in time.

So, what now?  I’m running out of paper, now, and I’m broke.  It also just so happens that the winter holidays are right around the corner.  I guess it’s time to start making greeting cards.


The Seasons Changed, and So Did I

Okay, when I posted back some time ago, I was complaining about drawing foliage.  This started a downward spiral to me hating doing artwork all together, and hating my finished drawings.  I’d see ideas for artwork, but I’d shiver in disgust at the thought of drawing. So, I stopped for a while.

I don’t make a complete living from my art, so I have the luxury of doing that.  Eventually, the green foliage started to take on an orangish color (I started noticing that at the end of July), and eventually…the green faded.  It started looking interesting again.  Finally, I passed by a field with loads of goldenrod blooming.  I’m off drawing again.

So, it’s fall.  While I do the work on this one, I’ll show you some of my past fall drawings.  It’s also interesting to see how much my work has changed over the years.


Gee, scrolling through all my old drawings in my media library is like reading an old diary.

A Creative Life, Told in Pictures

Or, my flirtation with abstraction.

Long ago, I feel in love with reality.  Hard to explain that, right?  I don’t go much for fantasy movies, or fiction for that matter.  Give me a good, non-fiction book on modern physics or psychology, and I’m happy.

So, when it came to art, I liked to portray things that were real, with maybe a bit of flair to them, but real.

Then I became really involved in drawing, it became my own kind of picture do I manipulate line, shadow, shapes and colors on a piece of paper so it looks like a real object?

Did that for a while, then my interest in interpreting reality with designs and patterns came back.  I started doing intense combinations of drawing and designs.

Then I became bored and frustrated.  My career wasn’t going anywhere, and I felt I had run out of passion for the pictures I was drawing.  So, I put away my pencils and swore never, never would I do any artwork again.  Or so I said.

After something like 10 years, I realized something was missing in my life.  I started to experiment with abstract.  I thought about just getting lost in the process, as I did in my good days of drawing…but without the stress of having to get it right.  So, first I did abstracts in colored pencils.

So, then came the thought…what if I did this with sparkles and glitter?  And so I did the Namaste series:

Then I fell back into love with reality, with a flair of course.  That’s when this blog began.  

So, once again, I feel I’ve run out of energy and inspiration.  The fun has gone out of the drawings and they look realistic.  I’m bored as freaking heck.

However, I still need something creative, or else I get the bends.  It worked once before, so I’ll try it again.  Abstraction.

So, I’ve just done this.  It was fun!  Just what I needed again…however, I know I’ll get bored doing this in a little while.  Because, I love reality, and the challenge it offers.

Even now, I look at the trees and the beautiful late summer evening light.  They’d make beautiful drawings, but when I contemplate doing that work, it just seems tedious and labored.  No fun.  If you’re not having fun doing artwork, in my book, what’s the point? I have the leisure of being able to take off and do something different, and so I will.

Summer Vacation

I’m going to have to take a break from artwork for a while.  I have ideas, but all of them contain lots and lots of foliage.  You know what?  I’m sick to death of drawing lots and lots of foliage, and I’ve also about run out of green pencils.  So, until I either come up with different ideas, or feel like drawing foliage again, I’m going to be on vacation.  So, here’s a blast from last year, and I bid you au revior.

Patience, my dear, patience

I’ve actually found something that’s more tedious than drawing a lot of dots….drawing around a lot of dots.  The dots in question are meant to be clover, and the around, grass.

It’s a shame I had to throw out so much of my old artwork.  No space, no time to move it.  There are some pieces I miss especially.  One of them was a drawing of trees on a lake, but in such colors that it reminded you of a cloudy day.  A moody, cloudy day.

As well as the Japanese paintings that my sister described as a rainy countryside, I find I have another association with clouds and rain.  It’s what I expect England to be like.  I’ve never been there, but I know the type of weather she’s famous for.  Indeed, the literature that I’ve read, set in England, is made more romantic by the moody mist.  I see King Arthur and Robin Hood, going through landscapes of green and gray.

So, finally I have duplicated the feeling of the old drawing I lost in time.  Cloudiness and romance together as a serendipitous combination.  Here goes:

Haven’t I Seen That Someplace Before?

For me,it sees to be a season of revisiting old themes.  Certain things resonate with me, and probably have some deep seated meaning, the way recurring dreams do.  At least, these are not recurring nightmares.  Phew!

So, I revisited empty chairs and cats in the window.  So, guess I’ll do another staircase.  A couple of staircases from before:

In honor of the 4th of July weekend, I will repost this.  I did it a couple of years ago, while I was still in New York City.

Then there’s this one.  Not really all that good, but it has a special place in my heart.  After a hiatus of about 5 years, claiming that I’d never do artwork…never pick up another colored pencil again!!!  I drew this.

Thing was, that back in the 1990’s, I was trying desperately to get into shows and get my art seen.  What a frustration that was!  I felt as if I was knocking my head into a brick wall.

I always felt that if people could see my work, they’d like it.  So, now I have all you viewers , and I feel at peace.  Thank God for the internet, and thank God for all of you.  Happy 4th Everybody!